What Your Type of Tooth Pain Might Mean

What Your Type of Tooth Pain Might Mean

Sensitive teeth are the most common complaints which most of the dentists received from the patients. This kind of condition is caused by several things. Moreover, everyone has different symptoms that depend on the root of the problem. If you are wondering about why did my teeth get sensitive all of a sudden? You should know the cause of teeth sensitivity.

The Cause of Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth come in different types and everyone may have different cases each other. Before you see the dentists, it would be better for you to find out the causes of it. It is also related to the inability of your teeth in chewing a particular texture of the food.

Types of Teeth Sensitivity

Here are the causes of sensitive teeth that you should know:

  • Sensitivity to Cold

One of the reasons why did my teeth get sensitive all of a sudden might be because of the cold. When you drinking cold water, then you will feel like having ‘zing’ sensation, this can be considered as the sensitivity to cold.

  • Sensitivity to Heat

If your teeth have a sensitivity to teeth on the hot meal or drink, this means there is nerve damage. This is probably you have an undiagnosed abscess which makes your nerve die.

  • Sensitivity to Pressure

When you bite food and then you feel a bit sensation, it means that your teeth are sensitive to pressure. This kind of condition leads you to have a deep examination regarding this. The Venture dentist might be the expert that can help you with this.

  • Sensitivity to Sweets

This is something common that people have a sensitivity to sweets. If you have this, then you should see your dentist to be treated soon.

So, those are all types of sensitivity. Then, if you are questioning why did my teeth get sensitive all of a sudden, you can temporarily figure out which type of sensitivity your teeth are.